interior design

Do you have a room you cannot quite finish or are looking for that extra design input that makes you absolutely fall in love with your space? I am thrilled to offer limited, remote, design consultations and services! After years of sourcing and remodeling our previous home and designing/building our current one - I know first hand how much time and resources putting together a good design can take. I also recognize the value in investing and putting together key components to design a space you love. If you are looking for personal guidance to help you evaluate and put together a great custom space - check out my process and please contact me with any questions. 

Single room consultation is $300. 


1. Questionnaire - completed via e-mail on the specs and details of your space along with the "look" you are looking for

2. One on one video/voice call to review your questionnaire and understand exactly what you are looking for

3. Room Design - a custom PDF design board with linked sources for your space. (you can purchase my recommendations on your own or look for similar pieces)

4. Two week design time working on reviewing this design board with me and opportunity to swap out requested products for new choices

How does it work?

contact me directly to schedule & purchase the consultation service!