hey there, my name is Kasia (pronounced kasha) – thanks for stopping by!  This little artistic endeavor started years ago after my world was rocked with the birth of Adeline, our first little girl. During a hiatus from a career in health care I found moments to slowly pursue my love of design and work on small projects for family and friends. Then came Amelia, Charlotte and Eloise - the next three blessings that turned life upside down in the best possible way. Definitions of success and priorities were redefined and life became more about living in the joy of the moment (you can catch a few glimpses @kasialabocki).  Much of our days were/are about trying to avoid the chaos of life and teach these girls how to have faith, love big and laugh hard. It's not easy, coffee helps... so do nachos, dance parties, fresh flowers... but every day is a new day.
Pchee was started as a desire to celebrate the little moments along with the big.  Birthday milestones, meaningful art prints in big girl rooms, charts for daily routines, notes that make you smile and cards that inspire. Pchee is my take on fun, modern paper designs that bring you and yours a little a bit of joy in the day to day.   
My hope is that this site and these designs may inspire you and help you recognize the sweet blessings of today. It is always work in progress, so check back for updated products. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit this shop. You can also follow me along on minted and say hello at @kasialabocki and the shop @pchee.co.