my name is Kasia (pronounced Ka-Sha)
Several years ago I found myself on maternity leave from a corporate health care career staring into the precious eyes of my first daughter. God changed every plan I thought I had and put me on a humbling journey through motherhood.
Definitions of success and priorities were redefined and life became more about slowing down. Trying to avoid the chaos of daily life and holding on to the joy in everyday moments. 
In the past 13 years we went on to have three more sweet girls, renovated a foreclosure into a home, started our adventure into homeschooling and recently designed and built our current home.  I never did go back to that corporate job, I embraced motherhood and pursued a passion I always had for design by learning adobe suite during nap time.
"P-chee" was started to share family projects and paper inspired and created for my girls. Playful yet modern and charming paper goods that would make them squeal and still make me smile. I believe each day is a gift worth celebrating and give God all the glory for all His goodness.  My hope is that this site may inspire you and help you remember the sweet blessings of today.  Check out the shop for designs that bring a little a bit of truth and joy into our homes. Visit me at minted to see some more of my work and say hello at @kasialabocki and the shop @pchee.co.