Family Calendar 2020

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Years ago when the kids were really little and life was a whirlwind I found myself just trying to remember to find time to accomplish the day to day let alone make big goals and count down to family adventures. The months went by so quickly and I wanted to kick myself sometimes for not being just a bit more intentional to plan things and make those memories. I created different versions of this yearly family calendar for all of us to keep track of life & make goals together since 2015.  I have found that the whirlwind has not stopped, possibly even increased in some areas. But having this tool to centralize our schedules, look forward to things, have countdowns, remember to pray, make goals ...has been SO HELPFUL.  It hangs in a central area in our home (by our dining nook) so everyone sees it, everyone gets exciting about the next big thing and everyone stays accountable to our goals. There is often a priority we put on our individual goals, family goals are just as important - not only in making progress but to remember what your priorities and purpose is as family. 
check it out here! 

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