School Valentine Tags!

school valentines Valentine's Day

Valentine tags are a fun, easy, DIY solution for some great school valentines! Over the years I have created three different designs for my daughters in this fold over style - goldfish, crayon/art  and car tags! We have used and loved all three. Read on for some photos and steps/tips on the easiest way to put these together!


1. Print on card stock & cut - you can easily purchase basic white card stock at a local copy center (like staples) and print at home on a standard printer (what I do). You can also send the file to a copy and print shop to print for you, usually our local shop charges just a bit over $1 (check with your shops!) If you print at home make sure to print your PDF "actual size" and not "fit to page" - this setting may slightly shrink your tags. After you have them printed just cut and fold in half. Paper cutter not necessary (although may make your life a bit easier) - after all these years I still use scissors!

**the crayon valentines also include an optional coloring sheet, this sheet should be printed on standard paper (not card stock) and can be easily folded and included in your crayon bag!** 

2. Fill bags - if you would like the bags to fit the exact size of the tag I recommend the clear cellophane bags that are 4" wide. But you really can staple these tags to whatever you like - from sandwich bags to favor snack bags - completely up to you. I like to use the 4x6 clear bags found at local party/craft stores (joanns). You can now buy a pack of 100 on amazon for around $5 - and they have adhesive! 

Crayon tags -  there are so many possibilities with these! Markers, colored pencils or crayons. With crayons you can go fancy/toddler friendly, do a DIY fun shape out of melted crayons, a small box of crayons or simply buy a big box of crayons and pull a variety of 4-5 individual crayons. 

Goldfish tags - buy a big box and fill individual bags or simply staple to individually packaged single serve bags!

Car tags - hit up the dollar or party store and see if you can find a good deal on a party pack. Amazon also has some large car party sets available, some of them are small though so you may want to consider including two in a bag!

3. Put together! - If you do not have a printed signature already included on your tag have your little ones write it in before you put them together. My girls love to fill up their bags for their friends! Fill with your favor, fold down and staple tag over it - viola! 

Share your photos on facebook or instagram/ #simplypchee - I absolutely love to see them! ♥ 

Check out the shop for some other fun new valentines posted this year - will be updating the blog with tips on those as well so keep an eye out! 

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