How I love thee? Let me count the ways

One of my favorite traditions! Starting Feb 1 I take a heart and handwrite a little message for each one of my girls with one thing I love about them. I tape it on the outside of their bedroom door in the evenings so they see it first thing in the morning. I start at the top and by Feb 14 they have an entire row of hearts going down their door. I started this maybe two years ago and now they look forward to it every year. They can't wait for me to read their hearts in the mornings (for you nonreaders) and their faces will keep you going till Feb 14!

I don't think our kids doubt how much we love them, but there is something about listing and highlighting their individual qualities and letting them know how much they mean to you that speaks volumes. Every year I'm surprised and just how much these little hearts speak to them and what an impact those words of affirmation have.

I've seen this done in different ways on pinterest, Jones Design Company has my favorite DIY tutorial. Two years ago I created my own hearts to cut and hang - I'm including the link below. Download the PDF file and print all the hearts to mix and match or choose the prints you like! (There are 8 hearts included - will have to print twice if you are starting Feb 1) I like to print and cut them all in the beginning of the month so I can just quickly grab one and jot down/hang a note right before bed. 

Let those little ones know why exactly you love them so! 




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